Celebrating End of February

Posted on February 28, 2009


Dove visits Bahay Twenty•Twelve today to offer class on Living the Four great Truths.  Cleaning up and getting the space ready.  Cleaning and clearing.  It seems like an ongoing process.  Hoping to plan and make steps towards South+East Mexico trip in April, and South+East Asia one too in the summer.  There’s been some “movement” in the Terra Nova process, with summer retreat plans with the larger campus.  Stay positive and continue with the communication process.  Maintaining and remembering, praktising the Fourth Wonderful Mindfulness Training on deep listening and right speech.  Abstaining from getting involved with wrong perceptions and judgments and gossip.  That lesson in not going down the troubling path because the whirlpool/pull is strong!  Fortunate that finances and CDA and financial supports for 2012 praktises with kalyanamitra are present and available for us to use as we meet with inspiration!  Happiness for that!  As February comes to a close and the month of March and springtime equinox season approaches slowly, I send thanks for the gentle birth months that have come to pass in this Gateway Year 2009.  I send thanks for the realizations in my teaching praktises with students.  I send thanks for the joyful completion of my evaluation process.  I send thanks for opening communication between Terra Nova Sangha and larger campus.  REJOICE REJOICE REJOICE!  Thanks to Uncle Sid, too!  And Tian Gong introduction!  And the goodness that is still arriving, arriving, home, home…

Make an offering!

Transform in Samsara!

Gentle Birth!


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