Living the Four Great Truths

Posted on March 1, 2009


Dove offered a workshop today at Bahay Twenty•Twelve…

Topic:  The Four Great Truths (based on his work as a spiritual praktisyoner and his role as a soul purpose, soul contract “navigator”)

1)  I am born with the seeds of my own fulfillment.

2)  I am fine.

3)  In the center of my being is a “reset” button.

4)  There is only one lie in the universe: I am not enough.




A great deal of energy moved and integrated and brought forth, released.  A strong energy moved through my throat/chakra area.  And Dove said that had to do with will and calling things into being.  I am thinking about how speaking out has been its own praktis for me, a place where I have actively put effort because it has not been easy for me to embody Self through language.  EMBODYING SELF THROUGH LANGUAGE & SPEAKING MYSELF INTO BEING.  BEING SELF-EXPRESSED.  Dove shared that an old part of me is arising, an old, familiar part of me.

I am wondering and thinkin’ a bit about how my non-active, not-so-healthy throat chakra might have manifested in ways and difficulties THAT I MIGHT NOT HAVE ALWAYS REALIZED.  And I know at this point, without being able to list them right now, I know for sure they are there.

Fifth Chakra.  Throat Chakra.  Will.  Calling things into Being.  Confidence?  Clarity of Self.  Making decisions.  Teacher archetype.  Speaking of Truth and the Ultimate Reality.

Today, as part of the workshop process, Dove asked Who is the One that is the fulfillment of embodying the teachings of the Four Great Truths?

I wrote:


walking on the path

and expressing myself creatively

connected to Truth & Light

I drew a picture of a little boat on the ocean/waves of reality.  The sun shines forth, I receive the warmth of Truth.  Dove also shared that in the material plane, it is my role to bring forth the Truth, the Dharma, the teachings that Awaken…and that is my role in this lifetime.  Finally, finally, finally beginning to understand/overstand and fully accept my affinity to the Buddhadharma.  Finally, this “affinity” is beginning to make sense.  The fast is beginning to break.  And Mama Suroeste Asia, intentions for summertime pilgrimage South+East will begin a new chapter in my life.  Entering the Gateway.

At the center of my Being is a “reset button.”

I was born with the seeds of my own fulfillment.

Joyfully walking on my path, this is my fulfillment.

Grateful for my parents, teachers, friends, numerous beings…

who have given precious guidance and support along the path.

Thank you, Dove.

Thank you, Teachers and Keepers of Truth and Light who have passed down the Real Story throughout all of Human history.

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