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Posted on March 3, 2009


Was getting ready to leave to see SINCE AFRICA play at the Globe Theatre (wonderful experience, btw), and decided I had a bit of extra time before heading out, so I said, “WHY NOT SIT FOR  A FEW MINUTES…”

And out of that came these ideas, inspirations for more names!  They both center around keeping the word FOOD and highlighting it:

FOODIE – Food is Essential

FOODISM – Food Influences So Much

…or Food Influences Social Matters

Students can say, I am part of the FOODISM Program at MHS.  We believe that Food Influences Social Matters.  Additionally, we are FOODIEs, exploring the ways that Food Is Essential to so many aspects of Life.   We call our selves, FOODISTS.  (No creative, relevant acronym — yet — for this one).  But, I think I’m liking this set.  And the others too!!!  Each has its own communication it transmits.

Inspiration from Sitting…

I think this is a first!  First time sitting has generated this “out of the blue” solution or sorts?  Hmmm!?

– – – – – – – – –

OK, how about naming it the…

Food is Fundamental Program

Different? “Better?” Communicates?

I was also thinking about adding the word, “celebrating” in the tagline…

celebrating culinary arts + cultivating critical thinking

Hmmm, I think it’s starting to sound too bulky, long, heavy.

culinary arts + critical thinkin


Food, Culture & Sustainability Program

…because food is fundamental

culinary arts + critical thinking

How ’bout that?

– – – – –

And after speaking with another friend and gaining some feedback, how about the name:

Food, Culture & Sustainability Program

culinary arts + critical thinking

Does this name seem to communicate something about studying the relationships between food, culture, identity, environmental awareness about food, food politics and cultivating in students’ a deeper awareness of food???

– – – – – –

What does the following name for a high school career pathway communicate???

Food, Culture & Society Program

culinary arts + critical thinking

More conversations about meeting last week and thoughts that folks are sharing. I don’t think all the 11th graders from this year will be continuing on with us next year, unfortunately. But, I’m feeling like for the ONES that do want to continue with the third year, I’d like to finish up my time with them—or at least that’s what I’m thinking. It is out of obligation, to complete their last year in high school with them, given how much we’ve endured together? We’ll see how it all goes down. The students will be attending scheduling-of-classes presentations this week, and next week, they’ll have to finalize their choices. Meetings tomorrow, here we go, here we go…

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