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Posted on March 6, 2009


TAURUS – March 2009


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your March Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Horoscope for March 2009

By Susan Miller

As March begins, you should be gratified to see how much career progress you’ve made so far in 2009, and the year is young. Keep it up! You are still building steam! You started a critical new chapter in your professional life at the year’s solar eclipse, January 26. The job of that eclipse was to set you into a rapid upward spiral. If you didn’t see the truth of this yet, you soon will. 

What is this career renewal that is arriving?  Is it, on one end, the feeling of settling…finally…in a good way, to my campus, my role, my teaching environment and community?  Is it taken on a different role than the one I’ve hard previously?  Is it a new position, something outside of my immediate school, something related by originating from another organization, sangha, community?

Keep your strong career focus in March’s first two weeks, for after this month ends, you’ll have to wait a long time before planetary aspects are so perfect for rapid progress. Mars has been busy trying to create job opportunities for you and will continue to do so until March 14. These days, you should have no trouble getting your foot in the door to show what you can do. You’ll make a strong impression with VIPS, and with each meeting you should find it easier to get another meeting.

Food is Fundamental Program!

Culinary Arts + Critical Thinking!

These have been my latest work inspirations!  Are these seeds that are being planted, in a good way?

After Mars leaves, you will still have Jupiter in your lofty career house during all of 2009. That’s awesome! Having the planet of generosity and financial favor in this sector will be a big asset to you, but to make it work, you’ve got to reach beyond your comfort zone and take a few risks. This may mean shooting for a job you feel may be a little beyond you, because you’ve never done it before. Some simple examples may be to write a book, do public speaking, become a manager, or start a company. Jupiter will want to see that you are willing to stretch to new, bigger goals.

Strrrree e e etch!  Exxppppp p p p aaaaannndd!  Releeeeeeasssse!

Ask for a promotion or search for a better position elsewhere. This month you’d display the necessary passion, enthusiasm, and drive that are often so critical to success and to rally others to your side. This same planet’s energy can help you if you are self-employed. You’d have the motivation to pitch and win new business. Of all the zodiac signs, Taurus has the best outlook for career success in 2009.  (Hmmm, a better position elsewhere?!  How quickly the mind wants to wander and see something better, elsewhere.  Yet, perhaps conditions are such where this is actually my reality.  I am open Dear Universe, to receiving spiritual communication, auspicious signs and more direct signs that there is something different for me to step towards, to enter a new gateway into my Being.)

As you plan your ascent, planets in Aquarius suggest that your new role will be one of visionary leader. (How much visionary energy can we embody, integrate and activate  at a large public high school?) Aquarius is the sign that is never satisfied with what is available now – this sign teaches that your gaze should be fixed on the distant horizon to imagine what comes next. With so many planets in this sign stacking up in your career sector, you will need to show imagination and creativity. As a Taurus, you are the ultimate realist and very practical, too. Employers and clients prize this quality in you, for you know how to make plans a reality. If you combine your practical sense with a creative outlook, you will win the career jackpot. (creativity + practicality = vision + actualization)

The need to develop your imagination and vision will be underscored later this year by a very rare and special conjunction of two benefic planets, Jupiter and Neptune. These two planets will meet precisely three times between May through December 2009. After that, they will spin off and go their separate ways, not to meet again until 2022. (In that year, Jupiter and Neptune will meet in your friendship house, so the effect will not be the same.) Truly, what you have now can be accurately summed up as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jupiter and Neptune will meet in the futuristic, digital sign of Aquarius, and because Neptune rules the arts and creative thinking, and Jupiter expands everything it touches, these two planets will have the power to unleash creativity this year on quite an impressive level. Aquarius is associated strongly with science, electronics, and high tech innovations, as well as efforts that help humanity, including the “green” movement. These are areas to pay attention to, for they will be doubly fortunate for you. (Wow, fun fun fun!  I was thinkin’ about DAC, new media technologies and communication possibilities, and of course, continuing in some way to support Earth Bodhisattva praktis through “green”ing everyday life and having the opportunity to actually work on this issue with my students or otherwise.)

If you work in a traditional job, you would be wise to bone up on new technology and methods. For example, if you are a publicist, you would need to make lots of new contacts in new media and the Internet – having contacts with producers in radio and TV won’t be quite enough to keep you in demand anymore. If you are an accountant, you need to acquaint yourself with new computer software that works on many types of computers and that allows you to run different kinds of reports.

Everyone will need to reinvent themselves in 2009, but especially you, dear Taurus. (Enter the Gateway…Initiation…Graduation …Ascension!  After the summer trip to Mama Suroeste Asia, Dove shared that a new chapter will be revealed.  Today, I was feeling some old energy being released, and how asserting self, being self-expressed, embodying my Path fully, completely, joyfully, in my fulfillment, is my Way.) The chance you have now to stand out is simply too extraordinary to pass up. While what you will be doing will be new to you, it will also be new to the world. View your future career path as nothing less than an exciting adventure! (My career, my right livelihood is my path!   Explore, expand, release and receive!!!  Dear Soul, what is my purpose in this lifetime?  And how do I manifest this in the material?  What is my role?  What soul contracts, in terms of career, are for me to fulfill, offer, grow towards, embody?  Please, please, please advise…)

Against this career emphasis will be a sub-theme that will emphasize increased socializing for you in weeks to come. The new moon that appeared at the very end of last month, on February 24, will be so very helpful to you as you begin March. This lovely influence will help you make new acquaintances and also connect with friends and people you know from your past.

That February new moon was in superb angle to Pluto, so not only will you enjoy the chance to kick back, but new friends may also provide tips and introductions that may be helpful to you in your career. You might want to consider signing up for seminars, club programs, trade shows, and other venues that draw people together. New contacts can now help you in ways you can’t quite imagine. Keep reminding yourself though, that nothing will happen until you leave the house!

Now let’s turn to the subject of love, an area where you may need to prepare for a little turbulence near the full moon on March 10. This full moon may reveal information that may force you to see in a different light someone you’ve been dating and force a decision about what to do about what you learn. The Sun will conjoin Uranus, so a man in the situation (if there is a man in the situation) would come across to you as unpredictable, possibly unstable, and somewhat idiosyncratic. The moon will be conjoined with Saturn, so a woman (if there is one in this situation) will seem weary, tired, sad, or under too much stress.

I will admit that the full moon of March 10, plus or minus four days, will be a tough one. These types of aspects are not meant to hurt or torture you, but to protect you. Sometimes the information we learn is distressing but necessary, for only once you know the truth can you make choices that can allow you to improve your future. (All is well, all is healing…all will be revealed.)

If you find that your relationship is sound, for your partner adores you and would never betray you, then this full moon may assert its message differently. You may discover that your partner is not well, or is in a jam and needs help, emotional support, and compassion. (Dear Kalyanamitra, may you be well, may you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, may you be at ease…) Alas, this point in the month is not likely to be an easy one for most people.

If you are married or in a very long-term relationship, you are far less likely to be affected by the full moon – it may touch you in other ways but not romantically. For example, you may be concerned about one of your children, or you may be thinking about what to do about a surprise pregnancy. For fewer Taurus readers, the focus will be on a creative project, for the house of love and children also rules artistic and imaginative expressions. While there could be stress associated with any of these areas, you have reason to be optimistic, too.

Fortunately, this full moon is in excellent angle to your Sun, especially if you were born on May 13 or within five days of this date. If your birthday falls within five days of this date, you would likely find a way to benefit from what you learn and what comes up, whether immediately or in time.

Later in the month, a new moon will occur on March 26. This particular new moon one will be difficult too, for the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and your ruling planet, Venus, will be in hard angle to Pluto. This suggests that some sort of legal difficulty could come up that proves time consuming to fix. In that respect, it could take you six months or more to fully sort out. (Hmmm…May all obstacles dissolve in all areas of life, financial, legal, physical, career and so forth…)

Alternatively, if you regularly work with people who are based overseas, a project could run into a little difficulty. A client could insist on changing direction, for example, possibly after a lot of work has already been done. If this happens, you will not agree that the new direction you are being asked to take is right and try as you will, the client won’t take your advice. With your name attached to the project, you may feel quite a bit of stress at this unexpected turn of events. Don’t try to force things your way – someone high level seems to be quite insistent that you follow the new dictate.

If you find yourself being pressured in the days after March 26, you will have to make a decision. Clearly, there will be someone who is demanding and self-absorbed, and the chance of your having any kind of an effect on this person is very slim.

Sometimes it is best to simply walk away rather than stay and fight, if you feel there is almost no chance of winning your points. If you need the money and are not concerned about being associated with the project (perhaps because your name won’t be attached), then you may stay. Only you can decide about this, but all I have to say is to be sure you don’t take on a battle you can’t win. (Wise application…) If you feel you have a good chance of prevailing, and you’ve come to this conclusion in a rational, unemotional way, then protest with all your might. Sometimes when we feel outraged by a decision or other unjust situation, we must speak up, even knowing battle will be drawn out.

If you find you have no legal disputes heating up, and no key relationships that need tending, then there will be a few other areas to keep your eye on. If you made an application to a university, or applied for a grant, or are about to submit a thesis for approval, be aware that topics related to academia are not favored this month. Knowing this, you may want to have a backup plan if your Plan A does not quite materialize. If you don’t have to turn in your thesis paper now, you might want to put it aside to read again later. Other areas of possible problems will be related to the dissemination of news, so if you are in the publishing or broadcasting business, be ready for obstacles.

You may need to have a bit of patience this month because your ruling planet, Venus, is about to retrograde from March 6 to April 17. This means that you may experience a setback, or you may need to tweak a project or a relationship to make it work better.

Some signs, like Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, have to regularly deal with their ruling planets in retrograde for five month-stretches at a time, so you are fortunate in that Venus only rarely moves backward, and only for a six-week period. No grumbling allowed, dear Taurus!

Actually a retrograde planet allows us to reflect on the past and to make any course corrections that might be needed. During the coming six weeks, you may change your mind about someone or see a situation with fresh eyes. Be glad for the time you will have to do that.  (Hmmm…sitting with the energy of Venus and Her spiritual communication about relationships in my life…)

One potentially positive effect of the new moon, March 26, will be that you may find a solid reason to end once and for all a habit or certain pattern of behavior that you know is not good for you. (Renounce!  Let go!  Let it fall off!  Down, down, down!  Awareness and compassion, wisdom and love for self and others…release, release, release!)

Romantically, with Venus in retrograde, it would be best to wait until late April to circulate socially. Venus rules fun, love, parties, and beauty, so when Venus is out of phase, none of these areas gets the boost of energy we crave. If, for example, you were thinking of making a dramatic change to your appearance, whether at the salon or barber shop – wait. Hold off on plastic surgery too, for it would be best to schedule your procedure for AFTER Friday, April 17.

There are a few days I will point out as possibly difficult for love. Come the weekend of March 7-8, you may wonder why you’re with the person you chose to date. Blame Saturn opposition the Sun, an aspect that may make you want to just give up. Don’t do so too quickly – you may change your mind in a few days.

On March 18 when Mercury, the planet ruling your fifth house of love, opposes Saturn, you may again feel frustrated with a romantic partner.

As you see, there will be points this month when your romantic partner may be critical or demanding, or the care of children may press on you. This gloomy outlook might be more due to overwork, a general weariness with winter, or with the pressures of your job or money than with your relationship or role as a parent. Sometimes being tired can color your outlook, so give yourself time to think things over before you react. If you can get extra rest you will likely feel better.

Things will improve enormously at month’s end. Put a star on the weekend of March 28-29, when the moon will be in Taurus and the Sun and Mercury will cuddle up to Venus.

All’s well that ends well, dear Taurus.


This may not be the easiest month of the year, but it could turn out to be a month where you are able to sharpen your thinking by reflecting on how things have been going for you so far.

Venus will shut down for a rest this month, and when any planet is retrograde, it emits a very faint signal. As a result, you will need to rethink some of your assumptions. If you have a setback, don’t freak out – you will get a second chance to prove your worth. Venus turns to direct orbit on April 17, so make course corrections and stay positive.

Venus rules beauty and love, so for now, it would not be the right time to get engaged or married, give a party, buy expensive jewelry or clothes, schedule a major redo of your looks (including plastic surgery), or buy things to redecorate your home. (Mindful of Venus’ retrograde energy and what to give space to, avoid…)

Because Venus does hold sway over romance, if you are single and hoping to meet someone, you might want to focus on your career until Venus moves direct speed, for your career will be the one area of your chart that will be doing really well. If you are dating, you may change your mind about your partner, or need to discuss a topic you assumed was settled, but was not. View this as an opportunity to grow closer. There is some indication that you might hear news that upsets you about a partner, and if this is true, you will have to decide whether or not you want to continue the relationship. The decision will be yours.

In February you likely made some fantastic professional strides, and with Mars at your side until March 13, you will still be in a very strong position to press your agenda forward.

There is one consideration you should take into account, however. Venus has influence over money and profit, so with Venus retrograde from March 6 onward, it might be best not to sign your name on a final negotiation this month. You can conduct talks, but hold off on making a final commitment. It appears there is something you have not covered that could come back to bite you.

Venus will turn direct next month on April 17, but Mercury will retrograde from May 7-31. As you see, you will need to have the paperwork ready to sign between April 17 and 31. This way you will be able to take full advantage of the very best aspects.

Although love may be a little “iffy” this month, your friendships will be strong and bright. As a matter of fact, you should make an effort to make new friends and to attend all kinds of events that draw people together, especially industry-oriented professional events, as you may make very useful contacts. I say this because the new moon of February 24 will be strong in early March, and Mars will continue the emphasis on friendship and networking too, from March 14 onward.

At month’s end a difficult new moon in Aries on March 26 might bring a legal matter to your attention, or you may have an unexpected snag in regard to an academic, publishing, or broadcasting endeavor. Someone will come on strong, so don’t lock horns, for it won’t help you win. This person is apparently very powerful, so if you do need to present your case forcefully to this person, take a subtle, indirect approach.

This new moon, however, could help you end a bad habit. After March 26, a certain incident may give you the motivation to quit once and for all. In anyone’s book, that’s a good thing!

Dates to Note:

Your career will continue to go full speed ahead: March 1-14.

The best career day within this period: March 10, when Venus, your ruler, and generous Jupiter will be friendly to one another.

Venus will be in weak, retrograde action from March 6 to April 17. This is your ruler, so be content with slower than usual progress. You’ll have time to rethink and revisit plans.

A social period is emerging – new events, friends, and acquaintances are due: all month, but is more pronounced during the second half of March. Still, with Venus retrograde, it’s not the best month to find love or to celebrate love you have. Focus on the tasks at hand – love comes later next month.

Network more to help your career: all month.

A legal or paperwork problem may come up at the full moon: March 10 plus or minus four days.

Watch international projects and relationships, publishing, and broadcasting situations or news from a university to require attention if a legal issue does not come up near March 10.

The new moon, March 26, will give you a chance to end a habit or conquer a fear.

Astrologie Fun & Insight from

Taurus – Ideas for enhancing your public presence, growing your career and expanding your influence are hovering around like dragonflies in summer this week. The dragonfly makes an interesting metaphor here, because dragonflies represent the realms of magic and enchantment. With Mars (energy) and Mercury (thoughts) conjunct Neptune (vision, illusion) in your 10th House of career all week long, some of what you see in your mind’s eye may be too fantastic to be real. And yet, some of these ideas will also be eminently realizable, if you’re willing to give them the time they need to coalesce out of the dreamtime and into our considerably denser reality. Record your inspirations this week — one stellar vision could change the course of events in ways you can’t even quite imagine now. Toward the end of the week you may need to make a pragmatic decision regarding a child or a creative project. Do the best you can to do what’s best for all involved and let it go at that.

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