Sacred Bhutanese Art in San Francisco

Posted on March 7, 2009


Prayers at an Exhibition: Bhutan’s Art and the Monks Who Protect It


Dance is critically important to their conception of the universe,” Mr. Houghton said. “A mandala is a dance — gods dance, they don’t walk around. It is a dramatic representation of what is going on in heaven.”

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For the first time ever,  sacred art will travel outside of remote monasteries of Bhutan and be available for exhibit, viewing and study for us here in the United States.  Beginning in Honolulu, the exhibit touched ground in NYC and right now, it is on exhibit at the San Francisco Asian Museum. Bhutan, unlike India or Tibetan, has never been colonized and the Bhutanese Vajrayana culture they have been able to sustain is unique and the significance placed on artistic expressions of awakening, equally so .

Joy, joy, joy for the chance to see this exhibit! For this chance to see dharma artworks and expressions of awakening!


For more info about the exhibit in San Francisco:

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🙂 “dzong” means fortress-monastery (woooowwwwwww!)

“Bhutan”, phonetically, like “boodhan” or “bhuda”.  Hmmm…

All of it, all of it, so very interesting…

Inspirations from Motherland Suroeste Asia and then some!

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