Four Great Truths ~ 3.7 Teaching

Posted on March 8, 2009


Connecting Four Great Truths

to the Buddhadharma

1)  I was born with the seeds of my own fulfillment. In the language of the  dharma, is this what is called BUDDHANATURE?  🙂  All goodness all around!

2)  I am fine. Once we find the nature of suffering, we can find the path out of suffering.   Also, the expression, “No Mud, No Lotus…”

3)  In the center of my being is a reset button. Beginning anew praktis.  Mindfulness of the present moment praktis.  “Throwing away” or leaving behind praktis.  I can begin anew and breathe myself into a new start no matter now many times I falter.   I can reset again and continue the course.  Buddha, I think said, “It’s not how long you have forgotten, but how quickly you can remember.”

4)  There is only one lie in the UNIVERSE, the Great Lie; that is, I am not enough. Buddhanature!  I am of the Nature of Awakening, Freedom, Compassion and Wisdom!  That is within my Being.  I am of the One.  REJOICE!

* * * * * * **

Dove shared The Four Great Truths at a teaching/filming event which will become a DVD. Listening to the these teachings a few times now, I developed a question regarding the 3rd Truth (which also relates with the other four): At the center of my being is a reset button.

Questions for myself:

1) Do I know how to reset myself? How similar is resetting to mindfulness praktis? Being in presence, in the present moment?

2) Have I allowed in my consciousness, the perspective that someone else can reset the button for me? Is the understanding, experience and faith in buddhanature an expression of this reset button?

3) In what ways has my religious upbringing created doubt in me, or conversely, a dependence within myself, that the Ones who can reset are the priests, the spiritual teachers, the gurus, the master, etc? And thus, I am not capable. Are those thoughts circulating and mis-informing me?

4) If I don’t feel like I can reset / bring awareness to myself, then does that mean I also feel like I cannot. . . (fill in the blanks here) . . . be fine, be enough, have the ability to reach and attain my own fulfillment, be connected and at-one with the Source, with the Universe, and actually, I am simply reproducing the idea of the Great Lie, that I am not enough and I am of the nature of Sin?

– – – – – – – – –

Yesterday, after sleeptime and upon waking for the day, I think I was having some thoughts about fifth chakra healing. Something from my prior lifetime, a memory about how I have been, how I experienced suffering by not expressing my truth and not asserting myself, a memory-feeling-experience arose inside of me with clarity that made me realize how, in prior lifetimes, a habit energy that I may have now, unrealized and unexamined, maybe part of the reason why my fifth chakra is calling for attention and activation.

What does a healthy, balanced, strong expression of fifth chakra energy look like?

What does a healthy expression of soul being look like?

How do I imagine being at-one with my soul purpose lookin’ like?

Intuition? Guidance? Clarity? Energy? Service?
Will be reviewing, in the next weeks, notes from an astrology reading a few years ago now, prior to Saturn Return years. I recall there were notes in that reading/report that I feel like relate to fifth chakra transformation.

Just remember, Jnaseh…

We arrive here, a contract to have a certain experience, a “fast” from something, from a degree of completion within ourself, so that we can experience the JOY awakening and returning, reclaiming ourself again!

In my lifetime now, the JOY of being able to receive the teachings and communicate about them, to preserve the dharma, to be a dharmamitra 🙂 is a true source of joy for me. In accepting this connection to Path and Lineage, Ancestry and Truth, it has been its own challenging yet healing journey. How would I have ever imagined! And the JOY of the Universe in this surprising element! But it is here, and it is now. So, here we go. One step at a time.

Thay says:

Peace is every step

It turns the endless path

into JOY.

A bow to the Three Jewels, the Ten Directions and my parents, teachers, friends, numerous beings, who have given guidance, support and protection along the path…



. . .

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