South+East Mexico

Posted on March 10, 2009


Been working on finding a ticket to travel

down here

to the “south+east”


to visit a friend…

and the ticket findings been its own

lil’ journey of sorts

i was suppose to give the airline a call today by 6pm

but somehow, with after school meetin’s and

going to get groceries (which i usually do on sundays!?)

i arrived home by 5pm, and it would be 6pm in mexico city

so it was already passed my deadline…


i’m going to try again, in a bit here

and see what happens…

all good praktis for me

as i also make the effort and put energy

towards finding a good ticket as well

for motherland south+east asia trip this summer

i try not to think about it too much or else i’ll get too

absorbed and forget the day to day details of things

at the house, at school/work, etc.

excitement all around though to see kalyanamitra

and check-in, communicate, vissudha chakra connections

and communications…

yes, yes, yes!

sitting here and feeling the breath enter the throat and

sensing the vibration at this place in me where my voice

and my truth becomes manifest…where my own Word

and that which has become my Truth, from here, from this

vissudha space is where it manifests in order to create and manifest in the world.

this is where non-fear, no-hiding, just Being can begin to emerge(n)see

for who I Be to Exist…


and my urge at times to write here for no other reason than to listen to my own voice, being reflected back to me…

to listen to myself through “writing and reading”

it has been its own curious journey, without me fully knowing

this curiosity is actually connected to the energetics of fifth chakra healing…


whatever happens tonight with this phone call,

whether the office is already closed and i’ll have to call again tomorrow

or the transaction is completed…

at this moment, what matters is i am sitting there

blogging and blabbing away here

and smiling inside knowing this here moment now

is actually something that is good for me…

this and the throat coat teas i got at henry’s

this afternoon: buy one get one free!

we’ll see which one is better tasting…

traditional medicinals or yogi tea!


down here

to the south&east


see you in a bit…

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