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Posted on March 14, 2009


Firstly, happiness in hearing Auspicious Path’s “auspicious openings!” I celebrate your dhamma talk yesterday and the response that occurred as spiritual communication today based on your heartful intentions and diligent work!  Ripening, ripening!  Fruition

Today, was designated as PINK FRIDAY (http://www.pinkfriday09.org/) as part of the California Teacher’s Association campaign against teachers and other school personnel receiving layoff notices today because of the CA budget crisis.  Folks were to wear pink today to show solidarity.  Fortunately, at our school district, the new school board members made a resolution to NOT LAY OFF TEACHERS this year, though that was not the case last spring around this time.  Last spring, the layoff news was already in the air and I was already, along with other colleagues, in the midst of inquiring what would go down, attending meetings, information sessions, etc.  This year, I did not have the layoff experience, fortunately, though this is not the case for many other educators around the county and state.

I was driving home on the 805 N today and around the National City area, on one of the overpass bridges, a nearby elementary school, teachers, parents, students were gathered with signs on the overpass, a crowd of pink, holding a public demonstration of sorts for us drivers to honk in support of public education.

I did not make it that big of a deal with my students this year, although I did talk about the issue with one of my classes today.  It’s been a long week of work; it’s been a long several weeks of work leading up to the 10th graders’ California high school exit exam.  Anyways, I felt less engaged with the PINK FRIDAY campaign today and as the day comes to an end and I am home, I send prayers for all those affected by this issue, the way I was directly affected.  I do what I can and I accept this gently

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Spent a couple of hours with Moms.  It was cool, back to good communication again.  She asked when I was headed to Malaysia and why I like going to places like those and not to New York City or places like that!  It was a laughable moment!  I told her I could go there with her, but then she said, NO, I don’t actually want to go!?  Oh, Nanays!?   Then, I take her to get her haircut, and I go browsing around the stores.  I see some shoes I wanna buy, some “discontinued” brand name shoes that I can wear casually everyday for school.  She sees them, asks, what’s their price (of course) and then inquires about the brand name.  I tell her “Guess” and she is shocked that I am buying such a thing!?  I laugh!  And then as quickly, she states, “Where’s the Guess sign?  There’s no tatak for people to see.”  She flips the shoe over and sees the logo there, and remarks, “But no one can see it down there!?”  Oh, oh, oh Nanay…

Luckily, today, there was space inside of me to receive all this communication.  🙂

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Decompressing Friday afternoon after a full week’s worth of w3rk!

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Oh, and at this moment, I was planning on attending a hip hop showcase at High Tech High International organized by dear friend, Marilen.  Morse High’s acclaimed All-Male, All-Female, Co-Ed Dance Teams will be performing, along with several other San Diego dance crews.  Anyways, I am not there, I am here, at home, bloggin’, decompressin’, and hoping to clear and clean up the house.


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