Going, going…

Posted on March 15, 2009


Gate gate para gate parasam gate bodhi svaha!

To the other shore

Going, going, gone!

There was a time when the feeling was…

“We are at the point of no return.”

A feeling that there is no more going back, back to the old habits and old ways of thinking and Being. There was a point when going back no l0nger became an option, that we had journeyed a bit more than we thought, and now, the Fruits of Awareness, the work to keep going, as difficult+uncertain+unknown as it was — going forward towards the Other Shore was our “only option”. Returning to the suffering of unawareness did not seem palatable anymore. Even if we wanted.

As the Gateway 2009 ~ 11 year continues, I don’t know what it will have in store for me and you for dear Kalyanamitra. For some reason, I don’t worry about it though, no anxiety or fret surrounding this non-knowing. Actually, the point of no return has brought the teaching-feeling that all will work out. All is well. All is good. All will be revealed. The infallible Law of Karma reigns. A surrendering, finally, perhaps? I don’t know what’s ahead, yet, at this point of no return, during this Gateway Year, I have a feeling that there is a shore on the other side. There’s something wholesome, real and soulful awaiting you and me this year. And the seeds of it have already been planted, and maybe, in the silence-stillness of our Being, we might have an idea of it. An idea not yet ready to be spoken aloud, but in the still-silence of our Being-Knowing, we can be in touch with this Emerge(n)See Truth. In my head, I know it is there. Today’s sense is a knowing within myself that this Path which has brought me (and you) to the point of no return…this Path is beginning to reveal ever so slightly, the Other Shore that is yours, the Edges of the Nu Being of the ONE inside of U…the Other Side of Being emerging in the form of a fleeting feeling. But it is communicating a certain enough that it is there, and it is True.


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