Sila + Other Inspired Ideas

Posted on March 29, 2009


Dharma inspirations all around while conversing with

Kalyanamitra Auspicious Path this afternoon.

• How about writing poem/prose/reflective pieces on each of our archetypes from the Carolynn Myss, Sacred Contracts text?

• How about visiting Kamala Masters, vipasanna teacher in Maui?

• How about Spirit Rock, New Dharma Center collaborations if you end up in San Francisco State?

And then, the auspicious catalyst that sent us both in wakeful joy at the auspicious humor and deep connections between All Good Things.

Auspicious Path looks up, “SILA” — for what reason, I don’t remember? It’s one of those let’s Google it and see what happens moment, maybe? Cultivators of Auspiciousness love Googlin’ and seein’ what comes up from the world. 🙂

Sidenote: SILA is actually taken from a playful nickname created a few weeks back when I was talking about how I’ve been creating a relationship to my throat chakra. And amongst other comments during the conversation, the Auspicious One, dubs the name, “Singing Lama.” The name didn’t suit me, so I abbreviate it to Sila. Kinda cool soundin’ I thought. I’ll play along. It’s all good.

OK. So, Googlin’ SILA reveals some surprises…

(to be continued)

SILA in both Sanskrit and Pali refers to moral or ethical conduct, virtue, the foundation of Buddhist practice.

I won’t get into the significance-coincidence of SILA (ala Singin’ Lama) and what this all means.  But let it be said, that Auspicious One and I were gasping and laughing inside and out in finding out that this playful “nickname” actually means something, coincidentally, in the language of dharma.  (In the background, Thay winks and smiles, “The Dharma is deep and lovely…”

In my excitement, I am led to think about the sound of the name SILA and in my mind, I hear, Say-La, or as we’ve both encountered, the unique name of Sxela (say-la).  Sxela and Auspicious One have a connection, a connection I realized is represented through the vortex of the “X” in the name.

Auspicious Path continues to read about SILA and finds a connection the Five Wonderful Trainings and the Five Silas or Precepts.  Inspirations from the ten directions arise and arrive, ideas about aspirations to work on behalf of the Dharma more actively as part of our seed-plantings and intention settings on the Road to 2012.

We made a commitment to visit Deer Park Monastery on the winter retreat, winter soulstice of Dec. 2012 in celebration of NU LIFE AND NU LIGHT being born on Mother Earth.

Finding SILA, “accidentally” in this way, finding a resonance to the dharma in the midst of this playful name calling was indeed an auspicious surprise!

“The path that you are seeking is also seeking you.”  I came across this quote during the Summer of Love 2008 as I pondered heading South+East virtually.  And now, moments like this only further support that Truth.

The path

that I am seeking

is also seeking me

– – – – – – – – –

Could this also

be called


– – – – – – – – –
“‘I am the owner of my actions (kamma), heir to my actions, born of my actions, related through my actions, and have my actions as my arbitrator. Whatever I do, for good or for evil, to that will I fall heir‘…

– – – – – – – – – –

So, in other words, that which I’ve done, actions which I’ve committed, through my body, speech or mind — the karma of those actions will follow me and ripen in their own time.

All Praises Be to The Middle Path…

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