Dharma Teachers of Color

Posted on March 30, 2009


The Dharma is for all of us. Yet, at times, there is a perception that the Dharma in the West, seems to belong, exist, or circulate for the benefit of particular communities — that sense of separation originating perhaps from the ways that location, race/culture or economics influences our lives mentally and materially.

I am inspired, through a friend’s Light, to begin to document here, lay and monastic dharma teachers of color who expand the boundaries and bring the diversity that is the Oneness, interbeing, inseparability, en la kech, el otro soy yo, isangmahal, namaste…to the diverse praktis communities in the United States. The term, DHARMA TEACHERS OF COLOR seems sometimes bulky and unnecessary, but for the time being, it is surely part of my praktis. For me, it is to recognize the diversity of backgrounds, peoples, communities, ancestries, especially in the United States, who have found their way to the Teachings, to a meditation cushion, or a retreat center, to silence as peace, to the priceless treasure of returning Home, inside and out through this Dear Friend called My Breath.

For my own benefit, simply for the joy in knowing that I arise from the Lineage of Intersectionality, Interbeing and Oneness that is founded on what we call Diversity…

Here is a partial list of Dharma Teachers and Kalyanamitras of Color offering the Dharma wherever they Be-At, benefiting someone like me:

Sister Chau Nghiem, Plum Village Tradition

Br. Larry Ward, Plum Village Tradition

Larry Yang, East Bay Meditation Center

Kamala Masters, Vipassana Metta Foundation

Dr. Zenju Earthlynn Manuel, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

angel Kyodo williams, Center for Transformative Change

Gina Sharpe, NY Insight Meditation Center

Michele Benzamin Miki, Manzanita Village

Ruben Habito, Maria Kannon Zen Center

Patricia Mushim Ikeda, East Bay Meditation Center

Hilda Gutierrez Baldoquin, SF Zen Center

Thank you all for your Work, your inspiration and for the courage and Love to walk the path for all of us to realize our own Way to Awakening.




This list is not meant to only spotlight the COLOR + C 🙂 🙂 🙂 LTURE part of Being…but it’s here to celebrate and honor those from various walks of life, from various ancestries and histories who have taken to the Path, and serve as inspiration for those of us who are finding our own healing in dharma praktis.



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