New Glasses!

Posted on March 31, 2009


Obsession continues.

So, no Black Brasil frames at the moment (…they might

be on back order until June!?  Let’s hope not.)

But I got these ones in Olive, as an on-loan pair.

I hope the black pair arrives when I return.

These ones I like too, but I guess I’m use to black frames

After all the this and thats…

I end up going to my old optometrist, where I first encountered “Republica” brand, and getting the new pair from them! HAAA! Rachel was cool. Very friendly staff. She said, as early as the end of the week.

And they were so friendly the last time, I don’t know why I skipped around so much and did not recall to visit them!? All good. Found other options I would not have known about. See, Earth sign within saying, “See, that’s why it’s good to stick with what works!” Smiling…


End here.

– – – – – – – –


Latest obsession online and offline – looking for eyeglass frames. I thought I was going to get contacts this year since I’ve been on a glasses trip for several years now. I usually switch back and forth. But somehow, I was inspired to give Republica frames another go.

As usual, going to the optometrists and various stores to check out the selection just wasn’t yielding what I was really looking for. The frames can catch a pretty price too…and if it ain’t really what I’m lookin’ for…what’s the point. It’s always the case. You check out 5-10 spots and you might find a couple of marginal possibilities, but nothing catchy, appropriate, fitting. I don’t think I’m picky. It’s just my face is “wide” 🙂 and I need at least a “55” something or other when you look at the specs of the frames, and sometimes, this is not what’s available with the frames that are there. They don’t fit on my face well!

So tonight, I end up, for the fun of it, browsing online for the Republica frames that I got last time. Finally, eye-gets-caught-moment. There’s a model called, “Brasil” in Olive or Black that catches my attention. In comparison to the store price from how much I’ve seen these frames, and how long it will take (7-14 days), the online version of shopping is turning out to be the better of the two. I don’t really shop online truthfully, but given the perks and freebies and “open returns/exchanges policies” offered with this mode of purchase, it looks like tomorrow, I’m calling dear eye doctor to ask for my PD – pupil distance and putting in the order, ASAP!
Obsession ending soon, hopefully. Brasil in black below.

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Next, you’ll see me posting about the iPod I want to take for Suroeste Asia trip. Like you got all this expendable income there, buddy!!!

The Greedy Side says in justification, “But you need eyeglasses!” 🙂

Between this and the latest musing about going from Malaysia to India via Thailand-Cambodia, Burma, Bhutan and Nepal — my boundaries and sense of things are definitely in exploratory mode right now. 🙂

All good, all fun. All is well. All will be revealed.

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