Old Friends on the Path, NU Communication?

Posted on April 5, 2009


Safe travels and safe returns

on this South+East Journey

May my mind be clear and still

May my heart open wide

May my breath be stable and deep

May my body be healthy and free

To the One within me

who has made this moment manifest

and the intentions (or in-tensions)

and attractions and affinities

that grow us…




to the edges of my Awakening…

Namaste Universe…



– – – – – – – –

Or more fitting for the moment

Old Friends, New Communication

– – – – – – – –


Through email, I’ve been fortunate to have been able to maintain some semblance of a friendship with old friends from high school and college. Sometimes I think, maybe I “should” call? But, the busssssyness of the day and the lack of space within diminishes the willingness to engage in conversation. This moment leads to the next moment and suddenly, by the time I know it, all this time has passed making the idea of calling and catchin’ up seem even further away, less possible. Or so, my “psychology” thinks.

Old Friends

…and my old communication patterns

Is this what is Emergin’ for Me to See

during this spring of Emerge(N)See?

– – – – – – – –

Stephen Levine’s book, “A YEAR TO LIVE” comes to mind here. And Thay’s instructions on Beginning Anew.

Are these new communication patterns I can create and cultivate within?

– – – – – – – –
Maybe the real question centers around how much internet communication really captures me, my true communication and connection with others?

Maybe there’s a clarification there for me to make? A boundary for me to draw and depend less upon?

Yes, emailing is good, but am I using it in place of other forms of communication with close friends, old friends, new friends?

Am I hiding behind this blog? Or this email? Instead of emailing, why not call or schedule a time to get together, in person? I know you know that, too, that you do these things.

But what about other friendships I’d like to “revitalize”, “renew” or “reactivate”? What does that look like from my end?

– – – – – – – –

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