A Joy to Meet (San Cristobal)

Posted on April 9, 2009


Journeying up the mountain

where my Ego has a chance to hear itself

and my ideas of rights and wrongs show themselves

more quickly…

Journeying up the  mountain

of my own nature

seeing myself in relation to another

…What is all this silence inside of me?

…And what about all these moments of affinity

and leaning in your direction—is it a grasping sorta thing?

Could it be anything else?

…What is it that I seek in knowing you?

…What energies of attachment and wrong perception have made themselves known, spring emerge(n)see?

…Has something shifted?

…And in what “direction?”

Journeying up the mountain

pushing through the difficulties that are emerging

Journeying up the mountain of my being

pushing through the earth

this lil’ seedling comes to know itself more

comes to know its own nature

in the midst of mountain nature

in the mist of spring time mountain


Up here

Up the mountain

To the south+east!


– – – – – – – – –


(Up the mountain to San Cristobal de las Casas)

Dear Kalyanamitra,

A joy to meet you again, in this way.

A joy to meet you again, up the mountain.

A joy to meet you again, in the fullness of your moment to moment.

Heartful thanks for sharing your space with me these past few days. For creating space inside your everyday life to listen to me, to talk with me, to continue our interactions as they have arisen inside of us, moment to moment

Tomorrow is my last full day before leaving Friday morning back down the mountain to Tuxtla then to DF, then back to Tijuana and crossing over to the “other-other-other side.” May our final communication during this time emerge with ease and mindfulness.

I ask for your compassion through my unmindful thoughts, words and acts that emerged being with you this past week. I know I can begin to overthink and assume too much at times, to the point of causing more burden versus more freedom. Bow to your Truthful Vissuddha chakra.

After visiting you, I feel like I “know” a bit more about You, now. And it is a good feeling, finally encountering the place, the being and the life that you live up here in the mountain. You and this moment of singing like Saraswati, and being with your Soul with your bodhisattva of great action aspirations. I have had the joy of meeting your friends and the community in which you exist. They are very nice people and I pray that your relationships with these friends, comadres and compadres will lead you closer and closer to the healing that you took birth.

May my perceptions of you be clear and free. And those “ideas” and “misunderstandings” that represents incorrect view, may I be quick to realize it, and swiftly release my fear-based, ego-based, self-centered project about you and meet you on the Ground of your Truth

What happens after this moment?

I release

to the space

that exists between

now and the future that I so much desire to know…

But I release…

release and cultivate a moment to moment

feeling of being myself

and checking where my emotions

and my Being resides

so that when the conditions arise

for me to have the good fortune to see you again…

It will be in that moment when I will know

clearly, fully and completely

that which is This…




Dear Kalyanamitra,

The whole world rejoices from the sounds and songs of your heartful awakened celebration of our Divine Origins.

That which you are seeking, is also seeking you.

Maybe it has already found you!  (wink, wink!)

See you again.

Namaste Universe…



– – – – – –

Made it safely up the mountain to see a Dear Friend.

What a joy it is to see

and share in the moment to moment

unfolding of Life

in all of its usualness, plainness

and the bit of Light that peeks out

to surprise us —

What a joy it is to meet the community,

home and friends of a dear Friend

to know she is safe and touching the

depth of Being with each breath

through the smiles and happiness

through the uncertainties and edges of Self

…all of it and them some

All is well…

& All will be revealed…

What has been revealed for me, here

in the mountains of San Cristobal?

May another moment arise for me to sit and connect with the clarity of communication that has been this trip South+East -> Suroeste Explorations.

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