On Relationships

Posted on April 18, 2009


Every relationship creates LIFE…

and this life begins to exist at the astral level…

the relationship births and forms its own energetic being, reality…

it has its own needs and desires

its own recognition…

Sometimes, a relationship creates an energetic body of an US through the alchemy of coming together.  The alchemy is activated in the midst of another.  But, this does not mean the relationship unfolds perfectly.  In fact, the relationship and commitment and work to sustain the connection through our own healing and “ego-ways” may challenge the sustainability of the US that was created at the astral level.  But, even with a shift in how the relationship exists in form (are we together…we are no longer together), the LIFE created as an US through this relationship continues to exist.  So, what’s the experience of this US eventhough the relationship, in form, no longer exists?

– – – – – – – –

What can we do to offer an energetic release when conditions for sustaining a relationship have changed (inside and out?)

And how do we hold onto the beautiful memory of two coming together to become ONE, to become US?  When the relationship transforms and dissolves, should we also dissolve the memory of the US that was form?

What is really happening energetically when two beings come together to walk the path of inner and outer connection by forming a relationship?

– – – –

(Notes taken upon sharing a conversation with a friend…)

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