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Posted on April 19, 2009


Visited Dove today at the Controversial Bookstore, North Park.

Chatted a little bit…catching up on latest projects.

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A teaching by Michael Dove

directed by Mark Newsome

DVD Screening & Celebration

MAY 3rd, 2009


Controversial Bookstore

*** film screening *** community *** refreshments

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Dove shared some thoughts about visiting San Cristobal! Woooohooo!

And he asked about what’s up at school? Shared a feeling that the entire program would go through a restructuring and shift. And ultimately, it would actually FREE me!? Wow!? Does that mean the work will not have the same resonance as before, if the program becomes so different than what it was initially started for? Will my preps and teaching load balance out finally? Will I have more time for other things, “things?” Smile! 🙂

No one really knows, actually, he said. There’s a feeling that no one really knows what is really going on. But, in the way that everything is undergoing a transformative restructuring, the same will occur for this program as well. Release…listen…respond

And regarding the South+East Asia trip…

Go & receive…

Will encounter my teaching training, classroom work “self” but in a completely different context. The work of “teaching in the classroom” recast amidst different conditions. A good thing! Helping others here and there to frame and understand. Activity, communication, interaction.

A hut and a cushion will emerge to greet me there…

A completely new beginning…a bussssy new beginning!

I am open to receive the entirety of the communication that commences upon taking this journey in the direction of South+East Asia.

I look forward to growing in ease with my teaching work, in order for me to be “free.”

I look forward to Entering the Gateway that I seek and the one that is also seeking me.

I receive the messages.  I receive the feelings and communications.  I receive the roles and pathways, the opening gateways that are emerging for me to see.  Emerge(N)See!

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“You have seen the path, do not fear anymore.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Gentle hut cushion

Breathing walking sitting, yes

Yes  Buddha dharma!

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