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Posted on April 20, 2009





Making a list of Tasks & Things To Do to prepare for South+East Asia trip planning. It’s in less than 8 weeks! Wow! I think I was still settling in from San Cristobal voyage, but now, I’ve got to keep the momentum going and continue with taking care of details for the next South+East journey. HERE WE GO!



1) Renew passport! (ASAP!!!) Sent out to post and now, waiting. I should receive by the end of May, 2009. Two weeks before closing of spring semester, seniors graduating, end of another school year, summer solstice and plane to Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia!!! May the passport arrive to its destination safely and may I receive it in a timely fashion before the end of May. YES YES YES!!!

2) Take passport pics (AAA office closeby?)

Ended up going to Longs Drugs. Why are those two lil’ pics sooo pricey! Or maybe, just being more budget conscious! Anyways, all done. Let it go…next!?

3) Consult doctor for any shots, etc. (Ask Frank too!)

4) Budget, budget, budget!

5) Contact Kechara House if Tsem Tulku Rinpoche will be offering dharma talks during the month of July. Got in touch with Beng, thank you for the response!  Beng shared, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche will more than likely be there in July, and so there’s a chance  an impromptu dharma talk might occur during my stay there.  OR maybe I can request one and make an offering for Rinpoche to turn the Wheel of the Wonderful Teachings while I am there.  I was also advised I could request an audience with Rinpoche, and I will consider, but I also know DHARMA TALK, DHAMMA TALK, YES, YES, YES!  Ooooh, all these pieces gently coming together!   Slowly and surely…tectonically moving and shifting towards the direction of South+East.  Here goes!

6) Coordinate with any summer time professional development opportunities?

7) Packing?

8) Visas?

9) Get tips about Nepal from Jhampa at Tibet Gift House?

10) GET TICKET!!! (Travelocity?) I saw a ticket for $1000+ to Bangkok! I hope to get the ticket by the week’s end, yes yes yes!!!

11) Apply for rewards-type credit card? (Delta, Diners, Travelocity, etc.)

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