Emerge(N)See ~ Commencement Begins Everyday!

Posted on April 25, 2009


“If you bring forth what is within you”, Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas, “what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

I first encountered this quote from Susan Moon and the Manzanita Village writer’s retreat announcement. This year, I’ve been inspired by the idea of EMERGE(N)SEE, a flip-word-play on emergency (so negative our connotation) but also that embedded within this term – language – vibration is the idea of EMERGENCE! YES YES YES to that!

All this to say that I am feeling an urge to more fully explore that which is within me — lest I suppress and allow its under expression to destroy me — as the quote implies.

Really though, simply allowing myself the freedom, self-love and compassion to EMERGE within myself and SEE. SEE it for myself. EMERGE(N)SEE. Let it be revealed. Let it be known.

When I was asked earlier this week by the Tian Gong teacher if I was Buddhist, I was not EMERGIN’ clearly and confidently, fearlessly at that point. My throat chakra was hesitant. And why? Why, I ask myself…





Praktising emerging, birthing, entering and seeing myself in that new reality, emerged, birthed, entered.

I found the quote above from a different source today:


Subheading for this blog:

commencement begins every day




Comin’ Home

Commencement begins everyday

I graduate every moment

and receive Life fully

in the fullness of myself

I ascend to the depths and heights

and expanses of each moment

capable, spacious, ready, open, receiving, praktising, knowing, being who I am, emerging, offering, contributing

I step, breathe, receive and enter

gratitude fills my being

I enter into the conversation

a conversation with the Universe

a conversation with my Soul

entering the gateway into my True Self

entering into an agreement

a commitment

entering to be present

entering in my entirety

fullness being


embracing myself

and all that has Emerged for me to See

I AM the I AM

I Achieve Mastery

over my own delusions and fears

all my small living and misperceptions

over my own false habits

Commencement Begins Today!

Commencement Begins Everyday!


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