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Posted on April 27, 2009


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If you have a chance to catch the Tian Gong teachers in your area, or a workshop sponsored that you can attend, I highly recommend it. I had a WOW experience at today’s Bronze Bell Qi Gong praktis session. WOW! WOW! WOW! All this Universal Energy always with us, supporting us, healing us.

I hope that a San Diego Praktis Group will be able to coalesce and manifest in a good way for all of us to continue to praktis, heal and learn. I felt like this entire weekend was putting myself in the place of a student, a learner, and that was a good thing. There were moments when the newness was unsettling, even causing the familiar sense of FEAR to emerge. Is that my kidneys showing signs of weakness? Although, I listened and participated (go throat chakra!) and saw myself EMERGIN’ differently. Usually, I don’t ask questions, especially with something new. Maybe Grandmaster Le Tian Da Shi gave me a secret empowerment to let that go! 🙂 As with other things, cultivating and maintaining the praktis is the real work afterwards. The “re-entry” experience is what I’ve heard it called after a retreat experience. And this definitely was a retreat of sorts. Or the “down the mountain” praktis in the case with Deer Park. (Aside: Teachers visited Deer Park with Makeda and the sisters said, “Teach us qi gong!” Happiness at all the intersecting, merging, mixin’ goin’ on!)

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Dear Universe,

May favorable conditions align for a San Diego Praktis Group to emerge and gather in the spirit of Tian Gong, the Universal Grandmasters and Universal Awakening on Earth! May our praktis, learning and healing continue to grow steadily. May our Xiu Lian (spiritual cultivation) of inner and outer praktis be consistent and be rooted deeply in our transformation

Safe travels to Le Tian Da Shi and the other teachers to their next destinations.



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