Praktis ~ Bronze Bell Qi Gong

Posted on April 30, 2009


After last weekend’s “retreat” with Le Tian Da Shi and other teachers, beginning to feel an inclination to continue with some of the praktises learned. Incorporating them with what I might already feel comfortable with and setting the intention for opening and closing the praktis session.

Staying in the present moment…

Breathing to Be as the mind creates its own desires for what it wants

the moment to be.

The Praktis as I praktis

mindfulness of my present moment

and the one that I am fantasizing it to be

mindfulness of my future moment

when the mind creates a thought attached

to what will come next

thus, losing touch with

what is real, what is true

Another time, another chance

to praktis and merge with the Universe

again and again

returning to the Source

ever present

May I never forget this relationship…






Praktis Bronze Bell Qi Gong

Heaven and Earth, Universal Unification!

Spiritual Communication!

Energetic Integration!


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