Praktis ~ “Answers from the Heart” (TNH)

Posted on May 2, 2009


Picked up a copy of “Answers from the Heart” by Thich Nhat Hanh (Parallax Press). What a gentle and healing read it has been. I remember Thay sharing once about the praktis of reading dharma texts. Breathe, settle and allow the mind and body to be receptive to the “reading” because this act of reading is not like browsing the newspaper or some magazine.

I went to the DMV yesterday afternoon to take care of something. And luckily, I had this book with me! Long, long line and this book, there with me, reading it slowly as the line inched slowly. Reading, and then stopping to breath to take it inside, then a step, sometimes in mindfulness.

What I’ve liked the most though, in the few pages I’ve read is the “voice” of Thay I hear in the “answers.”

Answer from the Heart.

Not answers from a book, as a friend says, or answers from some authority, or answers from a particular time, place, or tradition.

Answers from the Heart.

The answers that arise from our own awakened heart and awakened nature.

What I’ve always loved about Thay, the gentleness of the teachings he offers. Accessible, possible, workable, within our reach. This Buddha-nature-thing, this “enlightened-thing”, this aspiration we have to touch the goodness within our self, as simple as this connecting with this next, upcoming breath.


to parents, teachers, friends

numerous beings

who give guidance and support along the path.

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