The prophecy oracle has been cast…

Posted on May 12, 2009



by Valum Votan

On the Road to 2012 we are the living prophecy the foundations of the old are irrevocably dissolved time itself is the foundation of the new there beyond the edge of history we plan to gather each new tribe each new clan fire and blood, truth and sky forming circles of healing moving in circles of magic there where the land awaits us the earth is calling the stars are opening their vaults of wisdom the sun is becoming a superstar the moon is releasing her ancient memory no shadows on the road to 2012 only light of Galactic Mayan mind transmission evolutionary signal of Vela pulsar illumining the night making incandescent the very interior of each and every cosmic vibratory root “when it rains, everyone gets wet” so open the interdimensional portal of time invoke the Blue Crystal Storm that the rain of the noosphere may drench every soul with the tender grace of Universal Recollection on the road to 2012, journey’s end of spiritual wayfarers there you may put down your load take out your medicine bundle breathe air of fragrant smoke and watch the hawks gliding in cosmic spirals toward infinity the victory has been promised the prophecy oracle has been cast do not be afraid to give your life for the final cause on the road to 2012 rejoice knowing the mind essence of all beings is One therefore it can be done! all beings bound by love within the source of time itself the Hunab Ku all differences dissolved all toward the One resolved all into the mind of God evolved not one trace of ignorance remaining all sin, all crime absolved on the road to 2012 who would not take this path opened but by a simple change of time? 13 moons 28 days it is the mirror to show us we are all of one mind on the road to 2012

Valum Votan—Closer of the Cycle

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