What is a Shaman ~ Babaylan?

Posted on May 15, 2009


Image: tantrika.multiply.com (by Jonathan Cena)
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by Mary Schmidt

A shaman/babaylan is:

— spiritual and cognitive epistemological mediator. shamans-to-be encounter raw glimpses of something numinous and demanding, some threat or promise in their own landscape of dreams. shamans not only read but write society. they collapse categories and rebuild aiming for controlled rebirth to effect social cures. in order to bring this power home to her people, she must become part of their mythology, also known as crazy wisdom. the shaman cures his people by taking them out of themselves making her ecstasy contagious, initiating her people into a changed state. gives people a handle for the numinous. shamans are people with the strength to become vulnerable, the will to impose form, the wit to translate their treasure into an understable dream.

Mary Schmid

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