On Mind + Karma

Posted on May 17, 2009


Mind, Karma, Action, Result ("Prayer" by Alex Grey)

Mind, Karma, Action, Result ("Prayer" by Alex Grey)

From a conversation with a friend

Karma is infallible.

From theartofsutra.blogspot.com

A pure consciousness is not in the child, the child is fragile or even dangerous in actions, a pure consciousness is in the individual who thinks and weighs the consequences of the action so the child may follow.

From “The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind to Dharma”

Karma cannot be fooled. Everyday, we involve ourselves with karma by expressing ourselves through body, speech, and mind. The root of all actions is the mind. The mind is like the king and the body and speech are the servants.

From Thich Nhat Hahn (dharma talks on http://www.dpcast.org)

We have to allow the truth to penetrate…because if we have ideas, that maybe an obstacle. And the secret of Buddhism is to remove all ideas, all concepts in order for the Truth to have a chance to penetrate to reveal Itself.

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Growing in understanding about Karma beyond simply some gesture of an idea to toss around and seem spiritual-cool, “It’s his karma…”, “Do you believe in karma?”, or “That’s karma…”

In mindfulness or forgetfulness, what manifests inside and outside of me? What is my moment to moment experience? What is my state of mind? Of body? Of feelings? Where is my awareness? What am I doing at this moment and the next? The thought of doing or not doing? Of sitting or breathing? Or eating? Or going online? For what?

What wholesome or not-so-wholesome thoughts do I cultivate within? What seeds manifest? What is arising?

Growing in understanding about Karma, not simply as a thought, but at that place where it affects me and who I am and how I experience my being-ness.

The causes, conditions and results that are within my field of believing and doing.

I remember once visiting Deer Park and hearing a talk about how suffering arises from wrong thinking. It caught my attention enough to remember it. there’s so much that is heard everyday, yes, and so little sometimes that is absorbed and integrated. This one brief line, “All suffering arises from wrong thinking…” made me lean in enough to continue to listen with open ears and something of an “open” heart (hmmmm, for another posting!) to the Dharma.

This moment makes me think about Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s quote:

Dharma has to be in you. You can be in Dharma, but is Dharma inside of you?


With Gratitude

The dharma is deep and lovely…

We now have a chance to see, study and to praktis it…

We vow to realize its true meaning.



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