Restless, Wandering, Dreamy…

Posted on May 17, 2009


Spend most of the weekend online looking and reading and clicking for things related to upcoming South+East Asia trip.  Made some progress with locating a hostel during my layover in Tokyo/Narita Airport.  Then, one or two possibilities to begin my stay in Bangkok.  From there, that’s when it gets crazy.  Crazzzzy because there are several types of directions I can go.

Bangkok –> Angkor Wat

Bangkok –> Chiang Mai (north)

Bangkok –> Ubon region

Bangkok –> KL, Malaysia

And of course, I’m able to go in these various directions, fortunately. I have the time to venture and stay and look around and get lost.  Then, there’s the other side of this trip northward.  Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, India?  Or even further south into Indonesia and Bali?

I am wandering, restless and dreamy…wanting to see a lot I know I will.  It might help to know that I can return the following year, that this trip will be an opening to future return trips.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

More planning and reading than I initially thought I’d be doing.  But there’s this wonderful site called TRAVELFISH featuring traveller’s experiences and reviews from all around the South+East Asia region.  It’s been a great resource.  I was reading and taking it all in until the wee hours of the morning today.

I should get up finally and get something done.

The trip will manifest in a good way, yes.   Breathe and release a bit…

(Wondering about LP in Laos, temples in Burma, plane rides to Kathmandu…)

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