Opening the Babaylanic Gateways in the United States

Posted on May 24, 2009



April 17-18, 2010

Sonoma State University, California

(See the buddharupa by the stairs? Happiness!) 🙂

Visit the Center for Babaylan Studies ( for more information about upcoming Spring 2010 gathering at Sonoma State University sponsored by the Center for Babaylan Studies

“We go down deeper into our rootedness, before there were religions, before there were sacred texts. That’s why there is a silent movement…for a different way of being, for a different paradigm, for a different world view…We are extending our lens, our historical lens from 500 years of modernity to maybe 10,000…hundreds of thousands of years of how we have lived on the planet, how we changed its landscape and created the problems we have now.

There is something wise about lengthening our historical perspective and listening to the voices of our ancient traditions that basically shows us where we have gone wrong and how we can return.”

~ Leny Mendoza Strobel

Babaylan Conference 2010 founder and organizer

Author of “Coming Full Circle” and “A Book of One’s Own”

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Crossing Over to the Shore

Knowledge, Praktis, Community!

The Awakening Ones : the babaylanic buddhanature within

The Body of Teachings & Praktis : the babaylanic dharma

The Community that Lives in Harmony, Creativity, Oneness & Awareness:

the babaylanic barkada sangha


Flip the Narrative!

We are the Ones!

Awaken the Ancestors!

Collective Soul Self-Determination!





…we are the ones we have been waiting for

write the score

take the floor

we are the ones we have been waiting for…








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