Posted on May 30, 2009


Some quotes from the film, KUNDUN, the story of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, his birth, his early years, China’s invasion, and his escape to India.

First, one understands that he causes much of his own suffering needlessly.
Second, he looks for the reasons for this in his own life.
To look is to have confidence in one’s own ability to end the suffering.
Finally, a wish arises to find a path to peace. For all beings desire happiness, all wish to find their purest self.

I rejoice in the awakening of the Buddhas and also in the spiritual levels of their sons. With folded hands, I beseech the Buddhas of All Directions to shine the lamp of Dharma for all bewildered in the gloom of misery.

With folded hands, I beseech all the Buddhas who wish to pass away to please remain, for countless aeons, not to leave the world in darkness.

My foes will become nothing, my friends will become nothing, I too will become nothing. Likewise, all will become nothing.

Just like a dream experienced, whatever things I enjoy will become a memory. Whatever has passed will never be seen again.

I will liberate those not liberated. I will release those, not released. I will relieve those, unrelieved. And set living beings in nirvana.

The Buddhas neither wash ill deeds away with water nor remove beings sufferings with their hands, nor transfer their realizations to others. Beings are released through the teachings of the Truth, the Final Reality.

Thus by the virtue that has collected through all that I have done, may the pain of every living creature be completed cleared away.

I think I am the reflection, like the moon on water. When you see me, when I try to be a good man, you see yourself.

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