Posted on June 4, 2009


In between

the moments in between

the being in between

being in between


One of my colleagues, the one who brought me “on board” and has been a great supporter, friend and ally through it all…through it all…

she will be ending her last year of teaching in the next few weeks,

ending, graduating, retiring.


Rejoice of course!

Rejoicing, and then a bit, hmmm…”sad” as well.  Bittersweet.

Memories of the good ole’ days (which weren’t always good) but somehow, there was a fondness to them.  A fondness to how we gathered together to create a different kind of reality for the students with whom we worked.  We struggled and we discussed, in ease and laughter as well as frustration, all the details of the things we said we would do.

I felt on the edge of my teaching praktis in community.

I felt on the  edge of my teaching praktis in a community of other teachers, educators each of us bringing our edge, expertise and knowing to the table.

There was something memorable about that “being at the table” experience.  The good ole’ days is how I will recall them.  The good ole’ days…

Somehow, through the changes, the mindheart remembers things in fondness.  Fortunately, because there was some fondness to be remembered.

And what will become of things new year, and the ones to come?  Who knows?  Changing…things changing.

So here we go…

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