S+E : surrendering + entering

Posted on August 26, 2009


A friend and I had some email fun exchanging S+E descriptors, feeling out the intentions for what the South+East Gateway might have in store for me.   A smile arises when I look back at this collection and the memories that I can recall that might relate to one, two or three of these!


soul explorations

sitting, exhaling

suffering evaporates

sangha’s embrace

seeing eyes

solidity embodied

spacious emptiness

smiles emerging

sacred environment

soul evocation

source evolution

sitting emptines

sila entering

spiritual emergeNsee

sila echo

sur-oeste enchantment

seriously exciting

silently evidences

sitting elevation

santi expressions

– – – – – – –

And then, a moment that followed was this “thought” about surrendering.  Maybe that’s the word I need to get me to step out and into the Gateway of mySelf.   Beginning Anew, dis/orientation, “what am I stepping into?”, surrender and letting go.

I had a chance to share a little bit with the Stream of Consciousness open mic circle at El Centro Cultural.  What to share, what to share?   What might “make sense” when I myself am still digesting and learning to just BE with me, again.   I began to speak about letting go…somehow that’s what this orientation/disorientation, coming back and fitting in again to what is familiar period…this is one way I’m relating to and moving with the shifts and changes outside and inside of me.  BAHALA NA praktis?  HA!?  Just letting it all play out without opening the gateways for the mind to meddle with the new image  and ground of me emerging.

soul emergeNsee

surrendering + entering

allowing my soul to emerge for me to see…

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

beginning anew for us all

surrounded by the bounty of gateways that have emerged for us to enter and BE.

surrendering to that which has emerged for us to see

to the ONE who sees

and the ONE who receives

karma ripens

and i open

to surrender to this present moment

surrender: to see what happens and what emerges when i “let go”

surrender as in surrendering to the gateways that have emerged

what are the gateways i have entered into?

or put another way, what are the things i have accepted into my heart,

what are the things i have surrendered up, offered up, surrendered to,

released as i have entered the gateway of mySourceSelf?

what is the old memory inside of me that has transformed?

the transformation, the “evaporation”, the releasing, the surrendering, the offering up, the lettin’ go, the renunciation?

that cramped and dusty place my ego-mind creates to protect itself — what is ALL UP ALL UP ALL UP IN DERRRRR?  and what am i doing  ALL UP, ALL UP, ALL UP IN DERRRRR?



to what is happening

all up in hurrrr


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