The Practice of True Love ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Posted on August 30, 2009


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given during the recent 21 day retreat in Plum Village

The teaching on love in the Buddhist tradition is very clear, we all need love because love make us happy, if it doesn’t then it is not love.

Love has a lot of meaning, but we had abuse love.

When we say I love hamburger, that love doesn’t mean anything, that just mean I like to eat hamburger, we need to heal the word love or else it will lose its meaning, from time to time we need to cure / heal, make it healthy again. Love is a wonderful thing.

In Buddhist teaching, love is able to bring happiness, to offer happiness, to relief suffering, to offer joy, and to transcend all kind of separation barriers.

Dharma talk transcription & Vimeo link

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Thank you to Nyanabhadra and the Plum Village website team for all these wonderful transcriptions and updates!

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