Wow! My Mom + My ‘Wrong’ Perceptions

Posted on September 1, 2009


Nanay said YES!

I asked my mother if she wanted to visit Deer Park Monastery to see Thay and she said YES!


I have had these perceptions of her and how she views and receives me “exploring Buddhism.” Maybe I haven’t shown the good side to being a praktisyoner and thus, the doubt and uncertainty she feels as I explore beyond the boundaries of my Filipino Catholic upbringing. Sometimes I tell myself, “It shouldn’t be this difficult,” …or maybe it’s all part of it. Moving through with everyone, with all my relations, especially Nanay. Part of the love and compassion that arises and we learn to generate especially when transforming with family. What am I even sayin’ here further confusing myself? Drop it and simply receive my dear Mother’s gift, the invitation to see Thay accepted.


I’m in another place right now…

May our Sunday visit up the Mountain, early morning drive up the mountain, be blessed sharing time with my precious dear Mother. No one has been kinder to me in this lifetime. May I always remember to express my gratitude through words and actions to the One who generously gave me Life.


I shared with Moms Thay’s biography.  She said, “I’ve seen some of your
books around and have read a little bit about his background.”  She reads some more and comments about “how much” Thay has done and how Martin Luther King nominated him for the Noble Peace Prize.  At one point, she asks, “Will we be sitting on the grass?”

All in all, I appreciate her openness to explore something that might be beyond her usual experiences, but to be open nonetheless to go, go, go.  “Across” to the other shore!  OR maybe it ain’t all that different.

I was waiting for my nephew to arrive at the bus station with Nanay and we’re chatting.  She’s sitting on the front lawn of some neighbor’s house close to the school bus stop.  We see a van pass by for an “adult day care center” which two of my aunts (her sisters) participate in.  I ask her, “are you interested in doing that someday?”  She laughs and tells me that she’d rather volunteer at the elementary school down the street or the church because those things make me happy she replied.  I chuckle back and see her willingness to stay active in the ways that bring her happiness.

I remember the teachings of Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and his constant encouragements to “do dharma work!”  And, you know what, my Momz, my Nanay is clearly doing dharma work in her own ways.  Volunteering at the church in different capacities, offering her time to pray (though I sometimes think worry) about others, and now extending her self to meet me in the place which I have taken refuge…

Just a few days ago at the World Beat Sangha gathering, a young woman was in attendance along with her mother.  The young woman has just moved to San Diego to attend graduate school and her mother decides to move to San Diego as well.  They both visit the World Beat Sangha for the first time to praktis with us and, from my eyes, to praktis with one another.  I thought to myself how special this moment is, to have one of your parents praktising or simply being with you in this way.  I expressed my joy to them that they had this beautiful and healing way of being together like this.  Deep down, I was thinking, “Wow, what if my Mom would come with me to sangha???”



She’s expressed interest in going up this coming Sunday to the Mindfulness Day where Thay will be speaking!  And, maybe even my little brother might go as well!

My wrongly perceiving mind, wowwwwing every which way and releasing that which I thought and that which caused an obstacle for me to truly see.

THROW IT AWAY, huh, Thay?


and come back to the present moment.

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