Refuge, Sangha…

Posted on September 16, 2009


Chilled last night with members of the Sweet Cherry Family from the Plum Village Sangha. Spent the late afternoon at Moonlight Beach after work and met up with the Sangha there and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local Indian spot.

WHAT A JOY it was to be able to listen to the Cherry Fam Members share about their 10 year anniversary as nuns and monks! Wow! 10 years! They were so very kind to invite us lay folk to be part of the sharing. I truly felt honored to be there and to be able to simply listening and watch True Loving Speech arise.

So much goodness shared from everyone’s hearts and heart praktis.

And I feel like simply listening and observing, I understand myself and my praktis even more.

Just like that…

The Refuge

…the Precious Jewel of Sangha

Shines brightly for us all to see

ourselves better

How fortunate I am to have this lifetime to encounter the Wonderful Dharma and to have this moment and this next one that arises to praktis…




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