Offer ~ Dharma Work

Posted on September 19, 2009


Dharma work as dharma praktis.

Working mindfully,

working joyfully

for the sake of all beings…

Meeting the teachings of H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche online and having the fortune to visit Kechara House this summer, I got the chance to catch  a glimpse of  “dharma at work” through the many means of  service that Kechara House makes available for the community.   Through prayers, writing, visual/video work, web programming, arts, painting and even retail work at the dharma stores — the Kechara Mandala revealed its creativity and vitality to me in my short visit there.

I left with a clearer impression and understanding of what “dharma in praktis” or “dharma work” is all about.  I find it skillful how Rinpoche uses our modern sensibilities to acquaint our mind into dharma.

In perhaps a different language though similar in effect, Thay might simply call it “mindfulness practice.”  Using every moment where our being sits, to bring the nectar of mindfulness into each precious, present moment.  To stimulate our awakening every moment we are fortunate to be alive, to breath and be in touch with Life.
In the spirit of “working mindfully and joyfully,” and participating by doing “dharma work”, the Plum Village website is seeking assistance if you feel inspired to offer  your “time, energy or resources” to maintain its upkeep.

Can you transcribe talks?  Or share about your practice?  Create animations/visuals to complement songs?  Or any other way you feel like you can contribute to the online community website…

Help the new version of the website to continue to breath and expand and open!

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