Rejoice for Mama Jenny!

Posted on September 19, 2009


Mama Jenny Inspires!

I met Mama Jenny during a visit to Kechara House this summer.  I had read about her aspiration for ordination from one of the postings on the Kechara House website earlier in the year.  When I got to Kechara House this summer, I was hoping she’d be one of the persons I’d meet.

Or as Mama Jenny puts it: “If you have the KARMA to…”  🙂

. . .

Just a couple of days ago actually, the thought of Mama Jenny arose in my mind out of the blue.  And I thought, oh, yeah, I must still be reminiscing about my summer.  Later on that night, I visit the KH website and lo and behold — this update about Kechara House creatin’ history.  I click on it and it’s about the ceremony conferring upasaka vows to Mama Jenny!

. . .

I was so happy to see this!  And it makes the memory of even just the bit of conversation and interaction I had with Mama Jenny (feeding the turtles at the local park, chatting over some noodles and Indian food at a cafe down the street from KH) that much fonder knowing she is walking the path to her Great Happiness.





May you safe, healthy, happy and at ease.

May all favorable, supportive conditions surround your life in ordination!

May your actions inspire others to live in service of the Dharma!

I am so happy to have met you, Anila.

Thank you, for saying hello.

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