Acceptance, Certainty, Authority

Posted on September 27, 2009


Watching my mind and how it describes “what happens…”

This was something I wrote last week:

A few weeks back, my mother — of all people — accompanied me to the meditation center I visit here in San Diego. The guiding teacher was in town for a teaching tour and I asked her if she wanted to go. I fully expected that she wouldn’t be available, but she was very much excited upon the invite to check out “Deer Park” that place she’s heard me talk about for sometime now. And you know what Ratha, it completely took me by surprise her acceptance of the invitation. We spent the morning up the mountain and she seemed to have enjoyed her time there. She got to meet some of my friends and it was such a pleasant time for me to be able to share this experience with my mother. I held some strong “wrong perceptions” of her prior to this. And I felt so grateful afterwards that this part of my life which I had been feeling so estranged by, finally, I felt an acceptance or simple acknowledgment of it. It was joyfully healing in subtle yet obvious ways. Now, I feel like we can continue to have this conversation about her spiritual explorations and mines as well. New territory in our relationship. Much much welcomed!

– – – – – – – –

Interesting how I “write” about my wrong perceptions regarding Nanay and how much ease and release occurred upon her visiting Deer Park with me. And maybe there was something (of course there was!) that caused this opening to happen! A BLESSING IN THE FORM OF ACCEPTING THE INVITATION!

Trusting, trusting, trusting…

All is well.

All is good.

All is protected.

This is the time I have been waiting for.

You are the ONE you have been waiting for.

Beyond the Gate, the fruits of one’s praktis are in bloom!



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