“I’m Not Ready…”

Posted on October 3, 2009


Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on “Not Being Ready…”

It is painful to give up on endless repetitive secular attachments not because the Dharma is hard, but because our insecurities and fears are not used to a better method. That is for sure. Dharma, our teachers, and our Dharma peers do not infringe or make our lives difficult; it is our own insecurities hidden deep away behind our so-called ‘beneficial’ secular works. Our attachment to them, not letting go and always saying “I AM NOT READY” IS THE CAUSE OF THE PAIN. Think please. Do good work in the Dharma because Dharma offers real genuine long term solutions, heals pain and is the best method to eradicating self-hatred, doubt, depression, fears, insecurities and all the other neuroses. Working for others is the real healer and working for ourselves is the real pain-maker.

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