Closing of the 11 Gateway Year

Posted on October 4, 2009


To guide…

To be…

To vow…

To be in community and respect the community always…

To remember love always, in all ways…

– – – – – –

Met with Soul Shamanic Sangha friends today to check in before the last three months of 11 Gateway Year arrives. We “made” it this far. This is it!

What will flower within us as the 11 Gateway Year comes to its completion?

What will be the emergence that appears?

What surprises will wake us up into more JOY and BEINGNESS?

How much can I ALLOW to happen without me participating in the DOING?

Will I surrender before I enter?

How much Karma will I bring into the Gateway?

Will it even survive upon entrance?

Will I? Will my small-self i survive? Will it hide somewhere I cannot detect or will not allow myself to detect? Will I be an accomplice to its survival and validation? Or will I allow the fullness of Being to completely burn away

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