Gratitude Praktis

Posted on October 24, 2009


Om Sri Ganesha Namaha!

Om Dzambhala Zalendraye Soha!

Om Sarasiddhi Hring Hring Soha

– – – – –

Thank you for safety on the roads going up to CSUSM

and productive training yesterday with colleagues near and far..

Thank you for an extra breath to receive communication and hold back
“reaction” when feeling unpleasantness…

Thank you for ACS email, almost done!

Thank you to Humanity Healing Foundation youtube clips! Inspired! Beautiful!

Thank you for another day to be alive and to offer something wholesome

to myself, and maybe, perhaps, to another…

Thank you to online gathas of praktis from Dear Thay:

“Live each day beautifully…”

Thank you to Twitter “dharma talks” by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche…
May I have the fortune in this lifetime to be able to listen, in person, to your dharma sharing, guidance and teaching!

Thank you to wholesome Friends offering their Light to the world

inspiring me to do the same…

Thank you to colleagues sharing in collective work, sangha!

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