The Joy of Surrendering

Posted on November 14, 2009


“Surrender means opening up your wounds, pain, suffering and desires. Surrender means you are ready to hear the truth. “

-extracted from If Not Now, When? Peace Edition by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche


Buddha taught the enemy is within ourselves, hence these teachings are the dharma. If the enemy wasn’t inside, no need for Buddha.

• Pretending to be something ur not is fun. But ‘pretending’ to be yourself opens hidden treasures.

~tsem tulku rinpoche on twitter

– – – – – – – – –

“the joy of surrendering” to mySelf in a wholesome way

the hidden treasure of this Self revealed…

up til this point, this One inside has been kept locked up, tied up, gagged & suffocated, imprisoned…the enemy within!

let me out i tell my own self!

many times it has felt like a war…

a war with the many parts of myself

vying for attention & domination

furthering fragmentation



“surrender, surrender, surrender!”

why do i want to keep this going?!

and in hearing this

in releasing the grip on how i have

held my own self hostage…

how i’ve terrorized my own self…

how i’ve brought about the conditions

for my own suffering…

in naming it and realizing it…

shining light on it…

the path to abandoning it begins to emerge

with some clarity than ever before…

and a moment for the possibility of true joy arises…

– – – – – –

Present moment, wonderful words moment:

on various Sanskrit terms related to “surrender!”

Which one represents my JOY???

There are many different types and levels of surrender:

praNidhAna literally means applying the mind to, profound meditation upon, vehement desire, etc so Ishvara praNidhAna means full focus on god (it is a type of surrender)

Atma nikSepa – means to abandon/ throw away/ totally give with trust/ pledge
so Atma nikSepa means to surrender your soul to the divine

Prapatti- means to lose yourself to something, or piosly be devoted to something, generally used as surrendered to divinity

sharaNa –means to take protection, to surrender your own protective mechanism and trust in something beyond you to take care of you

sharaNAgati- is the path of approaching the divine through surrender- it is said to be like a pilgrim getting in the boat and letting the boat man row. Trusting the supreme boatman to protect you and get you across the river of life.

Prapanna- is like sharaNa in that it is approaching for protection, or sometimes used for ‘falling at one’s feet’- surrendering fand asking or help

paridadAti- surrender, fully giving, the abundant gift

samarpaNa- the act of delivering or handing over completely, total surrender. (my param-guru once said your practice is good but you need to develop atma-samarpaNa- totally offer your soul in order for it to be guided)

sarjana- is when the police ask you to surrender your weapon after you have been caught robbing the bank, it means to give up or abandon, let go of

– – – – – – – –

the joy released

and unleashed

in surrendering

letting go


or so i imagine

this joy and ease

would meet me

at the other side of this

“holding on still”

“grasping on still”

to “what” really?

to my old self

to this old self

that i have grown to protect

and maintain…

gotten comfortable here

become accustomed to how things are here…

have become “set” in my ways

– – – – – – –

the joy of surrendering

of letting go to allow

more ease to fill the moment

and then joy arises!

– – – – – – – – –

the joy of surrendering

to the one inside

simply wanting to BE

– – – – –

there is a joy i imagine will arise

upon this act of surrendering

and letting go…

the joy that is waiting to come in when i finally let Her…

instead of always letting MEMEMEME get in the way

acting like i know what is good for me

when in fact, i know only what is good for me to keep this ego-self alive…

the distorted false incomplete feeling of joy as security and familiarity…

– – – – – – – – –

what does my surrender look like?

can i see it? can i see what prevents it?

can i see what is facilitating it?

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