Making Offerings to Arya Beings

Posted on November 23, 2009


Making Offerings to Arya Beings ~ Offering to Divinities

by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Kathamandu, Nepal (Tsem Ladrang)

Selected Quotes from Dharma Talk

What is the “arya” mind?

What makes a person “arya”?  What is the distinguishing characteristic of their mind that makes them “arya?”

What makes a person “arya?”

What qualities must an “arya” have to make them supreme among men and gods?

What quality in their mind makes them have control?

What makes them an “arya” being is that they have more concern for others and not for themselves…

The level of their concern for others and the steadiness, and the consistency of it would be the ten stages of the Bodhisattva.

What makes them an arya being?  What differentiates them from other beings that are non-arya is their genuine real concern for others and their ability to enact their concern.  So that concern for other beings is solely bodhicitta.  And the ability to enact it will be skillful means.  And then becoming an arya will be based on wisdom, realization of emptiness or any level of it.

So those exalted states is what you are offering a victory parasol and that “victory” should be a hint because what are they victorious over?  Samsara, their own selfish mind.  So hence, when you offer…a parasol over an enlightened being like Vajrayogini, you are making offerings to her arya level state of mind.  So when you make an offering to her arya level state of mind, you make a direct connection to that mind and plant seeds to achieve it in the future when you practice.

So, how beautiful the material, how wonderful the material is…also creates merits.  How well you do it, is how much time you have spent on it, in order to recognize and celebrate her enlightened mind as oppose to spending that time for frivolous non-beneficial activities.  And, how much you put into it, and I’m talking about expenses — of course that’s subjective—how much you put into expenses would be increasing your paramita of giving because normally you would just give to yourself.

When you offer to an arya mind, you again are directly connecting to the paramita of giving to the arya mind.

Is it possible that your mind can reach a level when it does not get tired of something?  How?  Knowing the benefit.

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In my week long break during Thanksgiving, wanting to listen to online dharma talks and post a bit about them, one each day during this week.  May I be consistent with this aspiration!

A dharma talk a day keeps my unwholesome habits at bay!

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