On Equanimity: A Natural State of Mind

Posted on November 23, 2009


On Equanimity:  A Natural State of Mind

by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

Selected Quotes from Dharma Talk

Ego manifests either as happy or sad, it is the same emotion playing games on you.

Divine anger like Yamantaka…
Divine anger does not arise from delusional states…

Our mind can be deceptive.  Anger can be positive.  Tears can be negative.  Anger can be negative.  Tears can be positive.  So, what’ very important is in dharma you don’t have imputations.  Just because that person cries it means they are very soft, and they are very nice and very loving.  It could mean they have a huge ego that’s bigger than normal, that’s why they are always crying.

In Buddhism, we want to achieve equanimity.  That equanimity is a natural state of mind.  That natural state of mind of equanimity…  If your natural state of mind is not equanimity, you cannot become a Buddha, there is no such thing as a Buddha.  If there is no such thing as a Buddha, there is no Buddha images, no divine paintings and statues, there is no sadhanas, and there is no Enlightenment also there is no protectors and the protectors cannot show you signs or help you.  So, the protectors cannot help you, it must be your delusionary mind making up things.  That means there is no oracle, there is no dharma protector entering the oracle and talk, that means the Dalai Lama is not enlightened, that what he speaks is “B.S.”  That’s not the case.  What the Dalai Lama speaks is not “B.S.”

A tear can be ego.  Anger can be compassion.  It depends where it comes from.

I’m not criticizing anyone out there.  I’m telling you how to check your mind.

So universally, whatever country, whatever race, whatever religion the thought of taking pain and suffering for others unto oneself quietly and secretly is true spirituality.  That is the true mode and true method to equanimity.  And we should strive towards that.  In every moment of our day to challenge our bad habits, to push ourselves, to not endanger others and not bring any type of harm to others, to consciously always fight that again and again and again.

The third result of karma is environmental…You can’t blame your environment…You can’t use that as an excuse.  Why can’t you use that as an excuse?  You can’t use it because you created the karma to be thrown into that situation as an environmental situation.  So therefore, forgive — that heals.  Pursue — that makes you grow.  And don’t give up on yourself.  Why is that?  If you don’t give up on yourself, you inspire yourself, you inspire others  and you open the doors of the merits you collected.


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In my week long break during Thanksgiving, wanting to listen to online dharma talks and post a bit about them, one each day during this week.  May I be consistent with this aspiration!

A dharma talk a day keeps my unwholesome habits at bay!

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