time to enter

Posted on November 28, 2009


“Surrender means opening up your wounds, pain, suffering and desires. Surrender means you are ready to hear the truth. ”  ~tsem tulku rinpoche

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

abundant doorways opening and inviting us to enter…
some marking closings
and others marking new beginnings
to whichever doorways
we are choosing to enter
may our intention, effort and attention
be met with taking us one step
and one breath closer
back back back
to our true home…

the gateway year, 2009

is soon coming to a close

where am i standing?

what is in front of me?

what have i seen

and which gates have i entered?

the gateway of surrender and release

the gateway of intuition

the gateway of trust

the time to enter is near

how will i remember this moment

of “graduation” and greater self-understanding

gentle birth

inner transformation

offering offering offering

“some thing” up to the fires of awakening

to the fires of 2012!

how will i know i have truly entered?

surrendered?  released?  listened deeply?  trusted?

what intention do i hold as i enter?

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