Gratitude Praktis

Posted on December 4, 2009



Taurus – You’re extraordinarily focused on money this week. I know that’s saying something, because as an Earth sign you’re always highly attuned to what you possess or want to possess. But with the Sun (energy), Mercury (mind) and your ruling planet Venus all in your 8th House of shared resources this week, some part of you is looking at all of your relationships and gauging whether or not you’re getting what you need out of them. Tuesday night’s Full Moon in your 2nd House of income illuminates how you feel about the money you’re earning on your own behalf and how well your income is doing as far as meeting your perceived needs. As you meditate on all these money matters, you might want to bear in mind that money is only a symbol for the exchange of energy. More money in and of itself will never make you happier. To increase your abundance, teach yourself to focus on the wealth and abundance that your career and your relationships are bringing you, right now and in the times to come. Sometimes all we need to do in order to become instant millionaires is recognize how much true wealth we already possess — the things like good health, freedom, happiness and love that can’t be measured in terms of dollars and cents.


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Here’s what’s important: You Tauruses are in a phase when the hidden workings of things will be shown to you — the mysterious magic that’s always bubbling below the surface but that is usually not visible.


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Gratitude for wonderful friends along the Path!

Gratitude for meaningful interactions with students!

Gratitude for this chance to re-establish a base of communication, in a good way!

Gratitude for this chance to Begin Again!

Gratitude for entering gateways!

Gratitude for words that liberate us…

Gratitude for praktises that liberate us…

Gratitude for blessings that liberate us…

Gratitude for a place where I can sit inside of me!

Gratitude for all the deities and guides that offer their loving support!

Namaste Friendly Universe!

May abundance, wellness and Love’s presence always bring me back to my true Home.



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