Honoring Change & Transformation

Posted on December 6, 2009



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What happens when feelings, love and relationships change in their form of expression?

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

What am I doing when I don’t honor this shift in being between people, between me and myself?

“…waste no time in a limbo space, but regard…lifeforce as precious enough to not waste a single moment ambling near (your) path, choos[e] instead to step out fully onto it in whatever form that might take.”  ~angel Kyodo williams

How do I “name” the act of engaging the message of change that has arrived, whether it is inside of me, outside of me, in relationships?

“Transformation is the ultimate offering.”  ~Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

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The closing month of the 11 year has me feeling the rumblings of deep shifts and stirrings inside and outside of me.  There is a great deal of move-change-realign-don’t work anymore-energy happening; my sangha and I are all experiencing certain parts of our lives changing at the level of feelings, certainities becoming destabilized, parts of ourselves feeling untenable, all with varying degrees weight and impact — but all of it palpable.  And because we find ourselves talking about these parts of our perceived “craziness”, revealing the parts that no longer work, finding ways to name the unnameable tension and underlying suffering we’ve sometimes become accustomed to,  in this way, hopefully we are in fact offering ourselves up to honor the process of change — and not waste our life’s energies when the communication arrives that it is time to do something differently: evolve.

So, what to do?  Who to talk to?  What to “hold onto” when things that I’ve held to no longer seem to “work?”  The habit to “hold on” seems to produce more suffering actually.  In what do I seek refuge to touch this experience, understand it, and attentively embrace and at times, transform it?  Do I take on the default mode and allow things to play out feeling as if I am outside of the Circle of Life?  Outside of the Universe’s care, guidance and Love and Light?  What is the “new” story I begin when the “old” story ends?

The lotus in the mud; I can hear Thay’s bell through all the noise inside of me.

When bad things happen, that is WHEN WE ACTUALLY PRACTICE DHARMA. ~Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

May I be a compassionate witness to my own shiftings, change and transformation during the closing weeks of the 11 year.

May the Light of Wisdom shine the way for me to deeply embrace the change happening, trusting and surrendering to give birth to the Beloved within.

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