Winter Soulstice Sangha Gathering 2009

Posted on December 20, 2009


Looking back to last year’s soul shamanic sangha notes…

Tomorrow, we gather again, one year later, to honor 2009 Gateway experiences and to prepare for 2010’s energies and invitations.


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Winter Solstice Gathering
Monday, December 22, 2008 2009
San Diego, CA
2:20 p.m.

Welcome to the 11 Year (2+0+0+9)!
by Michael Dove

This is a year that truly deals with our souls, going deep into hidden places and spaces in our soul and bringing it forward and out. Like a divine cleaning agent. The kind of dramas and fears that already started in 2008 will continue for a while into 2009. This year is going to be especially critical, like how we indicated that last year would be a frightening year. That sense of fear becomes more acute for many.

2009 is a graduation year and contains the energy of ascension. With that ascension, it carries what we could loosely call Judgment Day. Judgment Day and Ascension. The fear is about Judgment Day. According to the archetype, all sins are revealed. Through it all, there is an ultimate possibility of ascension. We will experience that ascension in the last fourth of the year. Leading up to that point, for many, it will feel like death. It will feel like an existential fear. We have already sensed that and it will be even more intense and acute, but it is necessary to bring things forward and out. The ability and call to calm others down and be the stable guide is going to be even more critical. If you are the one with answers, people will come to you. They will actively seek our clarity, insight, and guidance. A similar circumstance was there in 2008. It becomes much more XXX in 2009. The quality of creative, nimble ways of thinking will be more sought after.

This is the time to really dream, create, present our fully developed vision, and people will come to actualize it. That’s the nature of the opportunity, the quality of it, the atmosphere of possibility. The sense of a miracle is that it happens in a way that 4 or 5 years ago would have taken forever to get together. The quality of this is that it happens much more quickly. The task as creative, innovative leaders is to put it out there. Take advantage of the opportunity that it is and take advantage of the ascension experience and the creative actualization experience!

Part of the challenge that people will be experiencing will be the threat of disease. It’s like a crystallization of stress, fear, and old fear coming to the surface. For some, the only way for them to deal with ascension and death (leaving the body to ascend) is through fear, because that is the only frame of reference they have. The good news is that we embody the ascension and can actualize immediately. Transformation can happen spontaneously.

Especially in the second half of the year, people will experience what I call a “Cloud of Divine Possibility” that hangs over all of our heads. It becomes real to a few but enough people. It is a collection of raw ascension energy. It will get clearly defined at the end of the year, like the clarity that we had at the end of the new One Year, i.e. new politics, new reality, new era). The technology that will come will be inspired, has been ascending for a while now. It takes on a special inspiration. The true nature of interconnectedness becomes more real. The possibility of relationship and harmony – we get to see that. The sense of an “Us” and a collective leap forward is something we conceptualize as a possibility. Toward the end of the year, it becomes less frightening and becomes a new understanding. It becomes a new “destructure.”

The new intra-psychic skill of managing the dreams becomes more accessible. Being consciously aware in dreams becomes a more common mode to be. Individuals that are able to be a guide in this realm, to awaken to the dream aspect, will be a recognized thing. More people will talk about it. They will generally be individuals who are more empowered as leaders.

2009 will be the time when we collectively take charge of the dream. We take ownership of it and let it be real. As all these things occur, with great deal of drama on into the spring and summer, we will find a way to collectively ascend. When we see the drama, we can hold fast to where it is heading and not get knocked off center by it. People will be afraid, feel like they are dying. But it’s actually ascension. There will be a major force to let go. This is the sense of the duality of the path: ascension and drama. It is an emergence of a new Us that occurs. It is through this drama and sense of trauma that creates and facilitates that. We get there through this gateway.
The One Year is like an intense birth. The Eleven Year is like two One Years. It is like the One Year amplified. It is a Gateway Year. A year of Collective Birth and Ascension. Births can be very dramatic before we move through that gate. The way to get through drama is through understanding it. Labor is tedious. A dramatically new world come out of it this year and does not get clear until the very last part of the year.

Throughout the process of birth, we can be the old experienced midwife, calm and centered. That is the challenge. It will be about calming everybody else down. As a practitioner, most of people’s challenges are transformations they are experiencing. We can help them by understanding the nature of the transformation.

This is a time that was very predicted and foreseen. The drama of it is like a burning off, clearing, deep purging of fear. We will find that you and your experience will become much stronger and, paradoxically, much calmer with this time. In a sense, it’s like it is our time in terms of people exploring an alternative, non-mainstream mode. All these qualities we developed for our survival all of a sudden become the skills people are seeking. It will be a dramatic flip that occurs.

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