2010 = 3 Year = Soul Stage Emerge(n)See!


Emerging on ONE’s soul “stage”

the true ground of our being

creative abundance

creative engagement

the joy of creation

the “work” from the heart of being

(as opposed to doing)




Michael Dove author of “The Four Great Truths” shares comments about the upcoming energies of 2010.  Just for fun, I’m calling it my soul stage emerge(n)see year.   Below are selected excerpts of my notes here from a winter soulstice satsang about 2010’s energies.

The healing happens because expression has been deferred.  Expression that happens because it has been waiting for many generations.  What this does is, the expression, the catharsis, makes ONE a different person.  Others may be shocked when you emerge because it was literally HIDDEN.  That stuff gets to come out!  The dramatic nature of it will SHIFT.  The collective story will be kicked up to a higher octave.  As we head to 2012, the trajectory will constitute a NEW AGE, different rules and realities.  The healing has to do with that which has been stifled for an extended period of time.  Because, as it gets expressed, I will become different.  My world, my circumstances will be different.  What I know, I know will be different.  We literally start to change the rules with our being and our own lives.

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