Visioning the Backyard

Posted on January 3, 2010


Touching the Earth Praktis:  Creative Abundance in 2010!

Friends have come through during the holiday season and was able to share about the backyard, monster weeds, and how the goat family we had since the summer helped us to clear the monster weeds by eatin’ them up as part of their diet!  Now, the goats have found a new home in a 10 acre home up the way and I am making aspirations and intentions to begin defining the backyard space so that the ‘weeds’ will not grow again, at least, not grow and be allowed to fully take over, like they did before, because I did not do anything about it.

It’s interesting to see how, because there was no vision, no idea, no inspiration around the backyard space, it just fell to the weeds so easily.  Now, it has been cleared and I am inviting the energy of creative abundant transformation to help the backyard space breathe and come alive again!   We are trying to use as much of the materials there as possible, to use the “scraps and twigs and branches and rocks” and use the materials available to co-create with dear Mother Earth in the backyard, the little piece of peace that we have the fortune to help take care of.

May new ideas and the energy of friends help to manifest something beautiful and communal in the backyard space!  May a nourishing space be constructed back there if that is for the highest good of the land and all others concerned!  Mitakuye Oyasin!  En La Kech!  Isangmahal!  Namaste!

Thanks to E, F, C, J, OneLoveTrust for your presence…your physical and energetic offerings to the backyard.

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