Welcoming Surprises!

Posted on January 5, 2010


First day back to work after the winter break.  Sent hello and NU Year greetings to my next door neighbor down the hall from me and he had on his board a yin yang sign with the words, LOVE & FEAR on each end of the symbol.   Below each word, synonyms to love and fear.  I laughed inside thinking why were these not the “standards” we taught students — we assume young people know about love and fear, know about all the ways FEAR seeps into our being, or all the ways that LOVE dries up and evaporates from us.  I greeted him Happy New Year Neighbor and he shared in return that he was glad we were classroom neighbors.  “So am I,” I replied.

Allies, allies, allies all around.  Sometimes in the most unlikely of places, allies show up, travelling companions and friends on the Path, here, now.

May I never forget this message today, squeezed in between going to make  copies and signing up at the office for something, and passing by colleague’s room to shortly say HELLO.  May I never forget the potential for communication and connection that exists in any moment, and the lessons and teachings available with all that we meet, with each person and moment we can touch deeply.

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And this one, priceless!   The joking nudge of the Universe visited me today, when a dear friend was playfully contemplating the whereabouts of a Brown Tara.  And out comes, from email, an friendly “invitation” from a browned robed Sista in the Plum Village tradition, Brown Tara in our midst!

Al and Sister Jewel, serious discussion - Prajna by photos de marietta.

Su Co Chau Nghiem (right) speaks with her father, Al, at the Prajna Temple in Vietnam…I think?

Click on the picture above to see image archive from Flickr.

Thank you Sister Chau Nghiem, for your invitation.

“I am but a bug…”

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