Posted on January 8, 2010


Playful online fun with the I Ching through  Hmmm, my question and the response…gentle coincidence?  Gentle birth?  Wow!  🙂 Big smiles.  Namaste Universe!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010 6:43pm PST

Your Present Hexagram

The general situation suggests subtle penetration. Reeds bend softly in the wind, symbolizing flexibility and endurance. Here we see quiet, relaxed effectiveness in action. A gentle influence is at work, but just as the wind is ceaseless in its efforts, so too small forces can persist to produce lasting results in a relationship.

Just as a breeze slowly penetrates the woods to cool the forest, the feelings of lovers penetrate the hearts of their partners. In personal relationships, a gentle beginning is often linked to a long-lasting union.

When employing a force that is subtle but persistent, careful aim is necessary, for only when a small force continually moves in the same direction can it have much effect. In human affairs, this kind of influence comes more through strength of character than by direct confrontation or seduction. It’s important to have, and stick to, clearly defined goals. Maintaining a strong vision and following a steady course of the least resistance often brings good fortune.

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