Gratitude Praktis

Posted on January 11, 2010



Intention:  to write about (at least once a week, or more hopefully)  10 things I am grateful for, messages, inspirations, reflections, insights—inner and outer gifts I have received from the Friendly Universe!

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Gratitude Praktis January 10, 2010

1)  Visits by OneLoveTrust and family offering sage to Circle Hill and the inspiring book, PLACES OF POWER.  Wow!!!

2)  Meeting new colleagues in the field and having professional conversations about our shared work with students, cultivating critical literacy, shifts in learning, etc.

3)  Touching the Earth praktis, slow and steady clearing of the backyard space,
connecting more than I ever thought possible, with the backyard space, and all the Earth energies (t)here — how could I forget, I’m an Earth sign!

4)  Being reminded of plant energies and spirits, devas, elementals…

5)  Eatin’ a crazzzzy Western Veggie Burger with friend at Veg’n Out — it tasted like the real thing I use to eat at Carls Jr. back in the day!  Share a meal with my lil’ brother there one of these days!

6)  Om Mani Padme Hum!  All Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus!  Mani stones.  Walls of Great Protection.  The Five Wonderful Mindfulness Trainings.  The Five Great Protections.  Deer Park Monastery.  Mountain Praktis.  Mani Mountain Praktis.

7)  New thrift store joint, got a yellow cloth and some wooden bowls for outdoors, preppin’ to use the outer living space — touching the earth!

8)  Kundun clip, sand mandala creation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and,seeing the colors of the Native American medicine wheel, four directions, yellow, brown, red, white…what?!  Check it out yourself!  Watch closely beginning minute 7:30 to 7:36 when the circle is made by these four colors.  Did you catch it?

We Are One




Mitakuye Oyasin

En La Kech

9)  Beginning Anew, creating a fresh new mandala of Life in this Nu Year!  Namaste Universe!

10)  Abundant offerings, offerings, offerings, offerings all around.  Abundance all around!  Seeing abundance in its many forms, in the lives of those around me…


To a year(and decade) of effortlessly and joyously participating in creative abundance!



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